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Are you tired of putting the same old Christmas Decor out year after year? We have the solution and it comes in three small to big stylish Christmas decor packages. Let's give you, your family and friends a Christmas they will never forget.

There are three packages:

The Home Xmas Decor Package:-  Want a warm and cozy Christmas with close family? This package is this and much more and you you ndon't have to over spend! This package is tailored for clients who a minimal budgeted Christmas event at their home.

The Small Venue Xmas Decor Package:- Do you want to show off a little but not break the bank on your Christmas event? This package has been the most popular that we have served to our clients in small venues and has left huge smiles year after year. This package suits clients that have a mid range budget.


BIG Venue Xmas Decor Package:- Are you a person that goes all out no matter the occassion? This is the biggest package we tailor to our London venues, when hotels were open for Christmas in the past. We have altered this package so that a small, medium and large sized venues can be transformed into a Winter Wonderland that will leave the family amazed.

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