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Here at Mi Amor we have the biggest range of chair sashes and hoods available, ranging in various colours, materials and styles. A chair cover will always cover the appearance of a chair that does not want to be seen. But to add that extra little something, a sash in a bow or a simple hood fused with one of our chair covers will help create the perfect setting you are looking for.


Note: Please use the enquiry form at the bottom of the page to enquire about hiring our products. Please state what products you wish to hire including colour, size, quantity and any additional options you see for that product in the enquiry form.




    Hessian Sash £1.50
    Hessian Sash With Lace £2.00

    Prices listed above are prices for one sash hire. One consisting of just a Hessian Sash and the other, one Hessian sash accompanied with a lace sash as the overlay.



    • Cleaned & Washed Before Every Event

    • Ironed & Pressed Before Every Event

    • Set Up Included If Preffered

Please fill out the details below to enquire about any of our products.

Note: If there are mutiple products you wish to enquire about please write a list and send it using one enquiry form. Please be specific in naming the colour and the items you wish to hire in the enquiry form.

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