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Why not finish off your event with our amazing centre pieces. Anything you dont see we can create for you and all ideas can be suited to your budget. This beautiful conical vase table centre accompanied with fresh/silk flowers really sets the scene at any event. Prices vary depending on what flower arrangement you choose, please check out Product Info for more details on pricing. Please add Flower Colour and Stone/Gel Bead colour in addional details field upon checkout.


Note: Please use the enquiry form at the bottom of the page to enquire about hiring our products. Please state what products you wish to hire including colour, size, quantity and any additional options you see for that product in the enquiry form.




    Fresh Flowers £120.00
    Fresh Flowers & Fresh Fruit £120.00
    Hydrangea With Silver Twigs £120.00


    Prices listed above are prices for one table center. One table center piece includes: 1x conical vase, choice of flower arrangement (one flower arrangement for each conical vase), 1x mirror plate. Colour choice of stones/gel beads to go in each of the vase if customer does nbot choose fresh fruit option. If clear gel beads are selected a LED light base can be put at the bottom of the table center. You can choose any colour you wish, colour is controlled by a remote.



    • Cleaned & Washed Before Every Event

    • Stone Or Gel Beaded Bottom

    • Choice Of Flower Arrangement

    • Choice Of LED Bottom With Clear Gel Beads



    • 100% Glass Vases

    • 100% Glass Mirror Plate

    • Fresh Gel Beads Or Washed Stones

    • Fresh Fruit Upon Customer Request

Please fill out the details below to enquire about any of our products.

Note: If there are mutiple products you wish to enquire about please write a list and send it using one enquiry form. Please be specific in naming the colour and the items you wish to hire in the enquiry form.

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