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Have you been left heartbroken due to the constant rule changes the government has made due to Covid-19? We feel your frustration and have constantly altered the way we do our business to cater to the new rules and regulations given on a weekly basis, we share your pain.


We have a solution to the heartbreak and tears when one cannot celebrate the arrival of their new baby like they normally can. Since you are only allowed 6 people in a household even when celebarting any social event, we know it's frustrating.


But here at Mi Amor we try to take the positives when negatives are thrown at us and our customers. We have came up with a way that you can still celebrate your baby's arrival in style, in your own home.


Decide your colours of the decor and make your own package by viewing the 'Package Info' Tab, located just right of this description. Choose your colours of all of your decor and we will get it all set up for you and deliver straight to your front door.


Wipe those tears away and mend that broken heart today!


Note: To view each product individually along with colours & sizes, please click the links in the 'Product Link' column in the 'Package Info' section to view each individual product and choose your colours you want in your package.


To enquire, make a list of the colours you want each item to be. State the package you are enquiring for below, along with the other details you need to fill out in the enquiry form.


£187.50 Regular Price
£150.00Sale Price
  • Delivery time and date can be discussed once the client has an invoice, this is in a form of an email. You can either ring us on 07908448773 or contact us via email: From there we can discuss delivery times and dates, in which our team will book a date and a time for your hired products to be delivered.


    If you wish for our team to set up these products for you instead of just a simple drop off, please state when discussing date and time with our team. Extra costs may incur depending on date, time and products that we will be delivering and setting up.

Please fill out the details below to enquire about any of our products.

Note: If there are mutiple products you wish to enquire about please write a list and send it using one enquiry form. Please be specific in naming the colour and the items you wish to hire in the enquiry form.

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