Mothers Day BG.jpg


Are you all out of ideas to treat your mother this Mothers Day? Sick of endless scrolling on Google to end up finding nothing?


If your answer is yes to this question, you have just found the solution to all your Mothers Day problems.

Normally you could plan a day or weekend out to give thanks to the one that brought you into this world. However due to Covid-19 and the national lock down this cannot happen this year. We feel your pain here at Mi Amor and that is why we have created The Mothers Day Package.


This gives our customers a chance to still celebrate Mothers Day even though you cannot do this how you normally would. Show your appreciation to that special someone that brought you into this world and put a smile on their face this Mothers Day in just a few clicks.


We can deliver straight to your front door, set up if needed to, following all the Covid-19 regulations and rules. All bookings will be set up the night of 12th-13th March.